Silver Bass Pendant


Silver Bass Pendant inspired by Picasso himself!

Wear this around your neck and feel the music in you.

A gorgeous piece of jewelry that appeals to both the ‘artiste’ and the ‘musician’ in you.

For both dudes and chicks.
Bass slingers and bass groupies.
Whether you’re into rock n roll, metal, jazz or something in between … this chunk of .925 recycled sterling silver will make you feel like a total rockstar.

An amazing gift for musos. 😉

All of my jewelry is hand forged from .925 recycled sterling silver and made with love and care.

::: As always, I welcome your custom orders. If you want a variation of what you see here, simply contact me and we’ll plan it together! 

::: This particular piece is one of a kind. If you buy it, you’ll have the only one!



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