About Bamtastic Silver

“I’m grateful for the opportunity to create silver treasures, and infuse each piece with passion and love.”

Hey, I’m Bam. I’ve Always Been an Artist.

From the time I was a wee lad, I’ve always had a penchant for hitting things. In fact, it’s right there in my name: Bam Bam. Fortunately, it’s been good to me. From the drums in a rock ‘n roll band, to the open road while on tour with The Dogs D’Amour, and now as a silver metalsmith, I’ve learned to create art through my desire to use my hands.

What fuels my passion? Music, hijinx, art, a little mystery, and a lot of stories (just don’t mention all of them to my Mum). I’m forever a rockstar, and love to create skulls, stars, bullets, snakes, dog tags, guitar pics, flames and hearts. I’m a pirate in reverse, creating silver treasures instead of taking them. After all, I was born to be a pirate but forced to work.

Versatile and Unique Silver Jewelery

Bamtastic jewelery is handcrafted using hammers, files, chisels, fire and the highest quality sterling silver. These treasures are designed to be unique, wearable and a bit rebellious. Whether you’re designing a wedding ring for the love of your life (like I did for my wife and those of many great new friends!), or something commemorative for yourself, you can bet your bottom dollar on each piece being infused with passion, love, and rock n roll.