Silver Star Ring



Made from recycled Silver and found at the bottom a of a blue lagoon in the Captains Cabin of a sunken merchant barge.Probably on its’ way to Troy or somewhere equally exotic…Arggh!

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Silver Star Ring

Look up. We’re surrounded by stars.

No matter where you are. No matter what time of day or night.

Whether you can see ’em or not.

The stars are there.

Billions and billions of them.

This Silver Star Ring is inspired by the ‘lights in the sky’.

When I was a kid, I was told that there are as many grains of sand as there are stars. Is it possible?


This ring like all my treasure is made from .925 recycled sterling silver and love and passion. Hand made with a bunch of tools and lots of noisy rock n roll played on the turntable.

Hand-forged to look like it was found at the bottom of the a blue lagoon in the Captain’s cabin of a sunken merchant barge. Probably on its way to Troy or somewhere equally exotic and full of treasure! Arrrggggh!

Who Is It For

Decorate the finger of your fair maiden with this li’l treasure if you dare.
Features a star pattern stamped into both a mounted top piece and all around the shank.

A gorgeous ring for both dudes, chicks, pirates and princesses.

Rebels and rockers look good in Bamtastic Silver jewelry too.

::: This particular piece is made to order. Because each piece is a hand fabricated original object d’art your piece will look slightly different, but just as perfect as the one pictured.

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